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Lorem Servo - Sexy Card Dealers - Get Unmatched Fun and Entertainment

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Card Dealers

Bring the excitement of the casino straight to your hotel suite with our stunning card dealers, handpicked to bring the heat to your game!

Lorem Servo - Sexy Card Dealers

Hire a Sexy Card Dealer

What We Offer

So you’re in Vegas and want to gamble with your friends but would like to have a better experience than joining some table in a poker room and having to play with people you don’t know. Plus the dealer may or may not be attractive and fun to play with. And you have to tip heavy for weak drinks and also pay extra for premium alcohol.

So why not use that awesome hotel room/suite of yours? For the price of dinner and drinks, why not bring the poker party to you? We can bring a professional poker table, cards, and chips, and the hottest dealer to deal the cards. And you can choose what they wear, or won’t wear! Choose from lingerie/bikini or pasties or even TOPLESS! You want the real Vegas experience? You gotta party with Lorem Servo!

Lorem Servo - Sexy Card Dealer in fishnet bodysuit

Redefining Hospitality

Top Benefits

Lorem Servo - Sexy Card Dealers - Choose The Ultimate Customization

Choose The Ultimate Customization

Lorem Servo offers unparalleled customization for your private poker party. Choose from a variety of attire options for our card dealers, including lingerie, bikinis, pasties, topless, or even full nude, allowing you to tailor the experience to your preferences and create an atmosphere that suits your desired level of excitement and sensuality.

Lorem Servo - Sexy Card Dealers - Experience Exclusive VIP Treatment

Experience Exclusive VIP Treatment

Skip the crowded poker rooms and experience the epitome of VIP treatment with Lorem Servo’s stunning Card Dealers! Host your poker night in the comfort and privacy of your own suite, where you can enjoy premium drinks at grocery store prices and indulge in a full-service entertainment experience curated just for you and your guests.

Lorem Servo - Sexy Card Dealers - Get Unmatched Fun and Entertainment

Get Unmatched Fun & Entertainment

Our sexy Card Dealers aren’t just here to deal cards – they’re here to ensure you and your guests have the time of your lives. From mixing drinks and offering neck rubs to engaging in playful antics and providing insider tips on all things Vegas, our dealers keep the energy high and the fun flowing throughout the night, creating unforgettable memories for everyone involved.

Pick Your Choice

Dealer Options

Sexy Dealer

Bikini or lingerie

$100 per hour

Lorem Servo - Sexy Dealer

Pasties Dealer

Panties and pasties

$125 per hour

Lorem Servo - Pasties Dealer

Topless Dealer

Mini Skirt or panties

$150 per hour

Lorem Servo - Topless Dealer

Naked Dealer

Full nude

$250 per hour

Lorem Servo - Naked Dealer

Two-hour minimum
Book 2 girls for 5% discount!
Book 3 or more girls for 8% discount!

Additional Services

Table Options

Option 1:
The Basic

  • $100
  • Table Top Poker Mat (70″ x 35″)
  • 2 Decks of Cards
  • 200 chips

Option 2:
Weekend Warrior

  • $200
  • Folding Table
  • 6 chairs (seats 6 people)
  • 2 Decks of Cards
  • 200 chips

Option 3:
The Professional

  • $350
  • Professional Card Table (includes Cup Holders and Lights)
  • 8 chairs (seats 8 people)
  • 4 Decks of Cards
  • 300 chips
Lorem Servo - Poker Table - Premium Playfield
Lorem Servo - Professional Poker Table
Lorem Servo - Professional Poker Table - Built-in LED Lights

Table Rental includes delivery, setup, and removal
Chairs can be added at $10 per chair

Additional Services

Entertainment Options

Our card dealers will come to the party dressed nice, they will meet and greet and mix and mingle for a bit and then they will change into their sexy lingerie attire. During the game, the girls can strip down to pasties, topless or nude (based on dealer chosen) while they deal cards.

Rates & Options

The following options are included with every party:


  • Neck Rubs: tip-based
  • Body Shots: tip-based
  • Lap Dances: tip-based
  • Ring Toss and Twerk: $30 per player
  • Tag Team Lap Dance for Guest of Honor: $50 per girl
  • Pussy Magic: $100 per girl
  • Fully Nude Girl on Girl Fantasy Show: $300 per girl
Lorem Servo - High Roller Poker Girl

Custom Poker Chips

Want to make a real impression on your friends?
Surprise them with CUSTOM POKER CHIPS!

Only $200!

* Custom chips must be ordered at least 14 days before your event

Lorem Servo - Custom Poker Chips
Lorem Servo - Naked Poker Girl

Make Your Event Truly Memorable

Hire a Naked Card Dealer

What Our Clients Say


Lorem Servo - Sexy Poker Dealer Vanessa

Highly Recommend

Hired Vanessa as a Poker Dealer for my best buds birthday in Vegas & had to write her a kind review to make up for how AMAZING our party went! I would definitely HIGHLY recommend her for your next party! She’s so much more attractive in person & has the most down to earth upbeat and positive attitude. She came prepared with all of the chip cards a poker table speaker and lights which was above and beyond and we definitely appreciated that.

I would highly recommend this company the staff that was booking my reservation were so sweet & fast on getting back to me made it very easy to set the party up.

Vinny Greek

Lorem Servo - Topless Card Dealer

A Bundle of Energy

I hired a female card dealer for my friends bday Vegas poker party. Lexy came on time and wow, that girl is a bundle of energy! She’s super friendly and even bought Krispy Kreme doughnuts which was a super nice touch 🤟🏼😝 Mike the host was friendly and delivered the table and chairs. Both worked super hard and really made everyone laugh and have a great time. Thank you!

BekkaXio Villarrubia-Cain

Lorem Servo - Poker Girl Maylani

Blew Us Away

Wow, where do I even begin? Maylani absolutely blew us away with her incredible talent and charm at my buddy’s bachelor’s night. She’s drop-dead gorgeous, and her skills as a card dealer were top-notch. She kept the game running smoothly while adding a playful and flirty vibe. Had us all on the edge of our seats!

And let me tell you, when she started to shed those layers down to her pasties, it took the excitement to a whole new level. She was the life of the party!! Even gave the groom-to-be a memorable lap dance that had us all cheering.

If you’re looking to spice up your event and leave your guests talking for weeks, Lorem Servo is hands down the one to call!!!

Matt B.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included?

Here is an example of how a poker game with Lorem Servo Card Dealers would go:

Play cards with your friends and have our hot card dealer take care of the game play. In between games, she can help make drinks and give neck rubs. Just show some appreciation by tipping her 😉

Want to turn up the heat? Make some rules where the winner gets a treat (lap dance perhaps?) or maybe the loser gets spanked by our girl! You can do whatever, that’s the best part of booking with us!

Want to have a wild ending? You can choose from one of our many party options, such as a stripper party or even an erotic show! When you’re ready for a little break, sit back, relax and watch our Lesbian Toy Show called Sweet Treats (optional). This HOT XXX show will earn you bragging rights for the entire year. You will be talked up all year long!

Book Us for your group now!

Private Poker Party vs Casino Poker Table

Bellagio Poker Room:  $25 and up buy-ins. Premium drinks start at $10-15 per order and go up based on the liquor. Liquor costs inside the casino are generally 5-10 times more expensive than if you bought your own bottle at the store.

Private Poker Party:  No minimum buy-in. You can drink or smoke or do whatever the hell you like. One 1.75L bottle of Grey Goose costs $65 at the liquor store outside the Casino. That bottle gives you 39 shots or drinks. That comes out to less than $2 a drink. Plus you don’t have to tip a casino waitress.

BOTTOM LINE:  You will SAVE money and have MORE FUN by hosting your own private poker party with us.

Our host and sexy card dealer will come to your room to get things started.  The host will setup the table, card, and chips while the dealer will get ready in her sexy attire. The games begin when you are ready! You can play cards and enjoy premium drinks at grocery store prices (saving you 500-1000% over the casino!).

The dealer will engage with your friends and keep the conversation hype and lively. Got questions about what’s good in Vegas? Want to know the inside scoop or how to get true VIP service? Looking for something that’s hard to find? Our card dealers are Vegas natives and know a lot about the city and can help you figure out a lot of things.

Want to take a break and do body shots? We can do that! Want to have a stripper party after the game? We can do that! Want to hit the clubs later? We can set that up for you! We are your full-service entertainment agency and we’re here to serve you.

Smoke what you want, drink what you want, do whatever you want, it’s your suite and it’s private and just for you! There are no rules unlike the poker rooms where you have to oblige and be on your best behavior. You can’t run around with your shirt off and do body shots. But in your hotel room, YOU CAN DO WHATEVER THE F**K YOU WANT! So if you want to truly have fun and customize your experience, book with us and we’ll make your fantasy turn into a reality 😉

What attire options are available for the Card Dealers, and can we choose what they wear?

We offer a range of attire options for our card dealers, including lingerie, bikinis, pasties, topless, or even full nude! Clients have the freedom to choose the attire that best suits their event and desired level of excitement.

Are there any specific requirements or preparations needed for hosting a private poker party?

Our team can handle all necessary preparations for hosting a private poker party, including setting up the poker table, cards, and chips. Clients may need to provide details regarding the event venue and any specific requests or preferences they have for the experience.

How far in advance should I book your Card Dealers for my event?

To ensure availability and proper planning, we recommend booking our Card Dealers as early as possible, especially for popular dates and high-demand events. Our team will work with you to coordinate all the details and logistics for a seamless experience.

Can I request specific activities or interactions with the Card Dealers during the event?

Absolutely! Lorem Servo’s Card Dealers are there to ensure you and your guests have a fantastic time. Clients can request specific activities or interactions, such as mixing drinks, offering neck rubs, or engaging in playful antics, to enhance the entertainment value of the event.

Can you provide additional entertainment options for the event, such as stripper parties or erotic shows?

Yes! We offer a variety of entertainment options to complement your private poker party, including stripper parties, erotic shows, and more. Clients can choose from a range of packages to create a customized entertainment experience that suits their preferences and event theme.

Are there any age restrictions for hiring Card Dealers or hosting a private poker party?

Our services are tailored for adult-oriented events. Age restrictions may apply depending on the nature of the event and local regulations. Clients should discuss any concerns or questions regarding age restrictions with our team when booking.

How do you ensure professionalism and discretion during private poker parties?

We prioritize professionalism and discretion in every aspect of our services. Our Card Dealers undergo rigorous training and adhere to strict professional standards to ensure a respectful and tasteful atmosphere at all times.

What sets you apart from other entertainment options?

Lorem Servo’s Card Dealers offer a unique and customizable entertainment experience that combines professionalism with excitement and sensuality. We have a range of attire options, engaging personalities, and a dedication to customer satisfaction.