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A Night To Remember!

The night begins as you answer the door to a handsome well dressed gentleman. He walks in the room and greets everyone in a formal manner, somewhat James Bond’esque. He will then mention how warm the room temperature feels and he will rip off his shirt and become your very own buff butler!

He will make sure everyone is comfortable and will begin mixing and serving drinks. If you want to play some games, he’s got a bunch of them! One favorite is “Never Have I Ever”. Get to “really” know your friends as you play this deceivingly naughty game. Next take a trip down “Memories” and see just how much your friends know about the guest of honor. Or test her knowledge of her hubby to be!

Want to get the party lit? Let’s play some drinking games! Whether it’s flip cup, liars dice or beer pong, your buff butler is aware of how to host all these types of parties. Want to have some laughs? Play “the mummy” game and see how well you can teepee the bride and maid of honor!

(The preceding was an example of night out on one of our buff butler parties. You can customize your itinerary however you like)

What's included in your Buff Butler Parties?
  • Buff Butler of your choosing will be there to greet you, serve drinks and conduct party games.
  • He can dress to your liking and comfort level!  He can come wearing a bowtie, cuffs, and nice black pants and shoes.  Or he can show some more skin by going down to briefs or bootie shorts! Of if you’re feeling extra “cheeky”, go for our “apron only” bartender.  This option is great for those who like class with a nice ass 😉
  • Your Butler will bring a speaker for you to blast your music!
  • Your Butler can host a variety of fun trivia and/or drinking games.
  • Looking for more ideas? Check out “24 ways to use your buff butler”.
  • Party lights (optional)
  • FREE Guestlist services to all the hottest nightclubs and pool parties!
What's included with a Magic Mike Ending?

You can expect the following from our Strip Parties:

  • Professional Entertainer(s) of your choosing!
  • Professional Costume
    • Custom Introductions (we can be creative in how we surprise the guest of honor!)
  • Stereo & Music
    • Our guys have playlist ready for all types of crowds! You can also request specific music as well!
  • Choreographed Strip Routine
    • Lap Dances
    • Floor Dances
    • Tricks
  • Jokes & Gags
    • Sexy Games
    • Drinking Games
  • Picture/Video Session at the end


How much do your Buff Butler's cost?

We have four price ranges:

  1. Buff Butler (with pants on): $100/hr
  2. Buff Butler (wearing bootie shorts/briefs): $125/hr
  3. Buff Butler (wearing only an apron and showing off his backside): $150/hr
  4. Buff Butler (fully nude!): $225/hr
Do you accept Bitcoin?

Yes we can.  To do this, you will need to call or text us at 702-907-5019 and we can process your reservation manually.

Why is your competition cheaper?

Because they’re using fake pictures. Simple as that.

Look at the guys on those sites. You’ll see pictures of handsome men and then you’ll see pictures of guys who don’t look good at all.  The handsome men pictures are usually fake and stolen from the web (Click here to see who they are).  The “not so pretty” guys are the ones that show up at your door and pretend to be the guy that you chose.  This is exactly how they work & that’s why they charge half of what we charge. They rely on girls feeling bad to turn the guy away so they’re stuck with whoever they get. Plus it’s usually a surprise and the girls don’t want to spoil the party for the guest of honor.

For example, if an agency offers 2 dancers for $240, that’s $120 per guy. The guy gets half of that, so he’s someone who’s willing to do a party for $60. That’s including drive time, gas and parking. It’s impossible to find a quality entertainer for that cheap. What you’ll get is someone that the agency found on craigslist and did not background check. This puts the customer at risk and that is something we absolutely despise. Bottom line. You get what you pay for. We take pride in finding the BEST guys who can deliver the BEST experience. That’s it.

How do I reserve a Buff Butler?

It’s easy! Just click on the blue BOOK NOW button on the buff butler’s page.

For last minute reservations give us a call (text is faster) at (702) 605-0800

Why should I trust your company?
  1. REFUND POLICY: We have one! Most agencies don’t. (see our refund policy)

  2. LICENSED & INSURED: We are covered in Clark County and the City of Las Vegas.
  3. SAFETY FIRST: All of our talent is hand picked and background checked.
  4. A+ RATING FROM THE BBB. We have an excellent history with the Better Business Bureau.
  5. OPEN EVERY DAY: You can reach us by phone or text every day from 12pm to 12am PST.
  6. 5 STAR RATING ON YELP: We’re the highest rated agency in Las Vegas. (see our Yelp page)
  7. CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS: We love it when our customers are happy! (see our reviews)
  8. BEST PRICES: We can give you the best prices because we deal in wholesale rates.
  9. INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT: We can communicate with you from any country.
  10. WE ♥ OUR CUSTOMERS: We take pride in offering the best service for the best price.
When is the best time to book a Buff Butler?

As soon as possible. We function like a modeling agency, so the sooner you put your reservation in, the sooner we can check on the availability of your choices. By putting your reservation request as soon as possible you increase the likely-hood that you get your top choice guy!

Do you entertain all types of audiences?

Yes, guys, girls, LGBT crowds, couples; Doesn’t matter, we have guys for all types of audiences.

Do they get naked?

If you want our guy to get naked, we offer the “Full Monty Flash”!

Some of our guys will flash the guest of honor if they are comfortable with it! We call this the Full Monty flash! For the Full Monty flash, simply mention it when we contact you. The Full Monty Flash is an additional $50!

Help me choose the perfect Buff Butler!

We have a Search Menu that allows you to choose your dancer based on a variety of factors, such as ethnicity, body type, location, etc.

How much should I tip the entertainer?

Tipping your Sexy Server is very important: As the person booking the party, you owe it to the entertainer to make sure all of the guests bring loose money to tip the strippers. We recommend that each guest come with at least $20 to $40 for tipping. Now the guests can decide whether or not they want to tip or not, but at least they are prepared. And if the sexy entertainer rocks your world? Then tip everything you’ve got! Remember that all exotic dancers work for tips and the more money the dancer is making, the more time the dancer will spend at your party. And the more crazier he can get 😉

Why should I tip?  I already paid the booking fee..

A lot of first-time party planners are under the false impression that tips are included in the booking fee.  Not so!  The dancers are paid a base fee for the party but primarily their money comes from tipping.  This is their incentive to put on a great show and make sure that everyone is happy! The dancer will stay as long as the guests are tipping and having fun.  When you’re done with your entertainer, simply let them know and they’ll wrap things up.  They can take group pictures at the end as well.

What does a Sexy Server do to earn their tips?

Most of the time the buff butler drives an hour going back and forth, sometime even longer to your party. They had to do a lot to great ready ahead of time.  They come fresh and clean, tan and groomed. They arrive in costume and bring a stereo with prepared music.  They host/play a variety of games to keep the party going. They do every trick in the book and will try their best to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied at the party. So if you tip them it shows that you appreciate their work.

Tipping is simple.  Just be fair and show them some love 🙂