Who We Are

Lorem Servo is a DBA of Skyfire LLC based in Las Vegas,NV.

Based in Las Vegas

Our business started in 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.  You can click on the banners below to go to our Las Vegas specific entertainment pages.

What is a Buff Butler?

It is a professional entertainer who is sexy and fun and knows how to keep a party going!  We are above and beyond a mere ordinary host/waiter/butler.  We separate ourselves from amateurs by demanding the best talent for our clients.  We hand select our buff butlers and do background checks and make sure they are fully trained to put on a GREAT party.

Looking for something more conservative and classy?

Our Buff Butlers/Bartenders/Hosts know how to really show their guests a great time!  We are much more than just sexy servers.  We help set the party up with lights, music, total ambiance, and then we make sure everyone is relaxed and has drinks.  We get the crowd dancing, we play games, we mingle and make conversation.. and if you want to get a little wild at the end, we have a “magic mike ending” option!