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Lorem Servo - The Best Buff Butlers in Las Vegas - Get Professional Entertainment & Hosting

Buff Butlers

Professional hosts & entertainers

Lorem Servo - Topless Waitress - Enhance Your Party Atmosphere

Topless Waitresses

Add excitement to your event

Lorem Servo - Naked Sushi Models - Get An Exquisite Visual Presentation

Sushi Models

Interactive sushi presentation

Lorem Servo - Sexy Card Dealers - Get Unmatched Fun and Entertainment

Card Dealers

In-home casino experience

Lorem Servo - Mobile Massage Service - Couples Massage

Massage Therapists

Mobile massage service

Get the Ultimate Party Experience

Elevate Your Party Entertainment with our Buff Butlers, Topless Waitresses, Sushi Models, Card Dealers and Sexy Servers!

BBB Accredited - A+ - Wild Entertainment
Lorem Servo - Buff Butlers, Topless Waitresses, Sushi Models, and Sexy Servers
Get Personalized Buff Butler, Topless Waitress, Sushi Model, and Sexy Server Services

A Personalized Experience Like No Other

Lorem Servo understands that every event is unique, and therefore, offers a range of options to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you’re hosting a glamorous soirée, an intimate gathering, or a wild celebration, Lorem Servo ensures that the entertainment aligns seamlessly with your vision.

Lorem Servo - Meet Our Buff Butlers, Topless Waitresses, Sushi Models, and Sexy Servers

Dapper or Daring: Choose Your Style

One of the standout features of Lorem Servo is the ability to choose the attire of your buff butler, topless waitress, sushi model, or sexy server. The company takes pride in offering a spectrum of wardrobe options, allowing clients to dictate the level of sophistication or daring they desire.

Lorem Servo - Professional Servers and Entertainers

Professionalism Meets Entertainment

Lorem Servo prides itself on the professionalism and expertise of its staff. Each buff butler, topless waitress, sushi model, or sexy server is not just a visual spectacle but a skilled professional who understands the art of entertaining guests.

What We Do

We Are Ready To Serve Your Every Need

Lorem Servo’s commitment to personalized experiences ensures that clients can tailor their events precisely to their vision. Whether it’s a sophisticated corporate affair or a lively private celebration, Lorem Servo’s diverse wardrobe options, from classic elegance to daring attire, cater to a spectrum of tastes. The professional and charismatic staff seamlessly blend entertainment with professionalism, creating an atmosphere that exceeds expectations.

With Lorem Servo, clients are not just patrons; they are partners in crafting unforgettable moments that resonate with their individual preferences.

Lorem Servo - Topless Waitresses and Sexy Servers
Lorem Servo - Naked Sushi Models

Only the Finest


Lorem Servo - Buff Butlers Banner

Buff Butler

Lorem Servo’s Buff Butlers are dressed to impress in stylish bowties, cuffs, and impeccable black pants and shoes. These charismatic professionals elevate any event with their charm and top-notch service. They can mix and serve drinks, host and conduct party games, decorate your room, help clean up, whatever you desire!

Our Buff Butlers bring a timeless sense of class (and fun!) to your occasion.

Classic Buff Butler

Bowtie, cuffs, nice black pants and shoes

Sexy Butler

Briefs, Thongs or booty shorts

Cheeky Butler

Apron Only

Naked Butler

Full Nude

Lorem Servo - Topless Waitresses Banner

Topless Waitress

For those seeking a touch of flirtation and playful elegance, Lorem Servo’s Topless Waitresses offer a dynamic and visually stunning addition to your event. Adorned with strategically placed attire, they skillfully balance professionalism with a dash of allure.

Perfect for private parties, upscale gatherings, or events where you want to infuse a sense of excitement, our Topless Waitresses add a memorable and captivating element to the ambiance.

Sexy Server

Bikini or lingerie

Pasties Model

Panties and pasties

Topless Waitress

Mini Skirt or panties

Naked Waitress

Full nude

Lorem Servo - Sushi Models Banner

Sushi Model

Lorem Servo’s Sushi Models (Nyotaimori) expertly combine the visual appeal of the human form with the culinary mastery of sushi presentation. Dressed in elegant and thematic attire, these models serve as living canvases for exquisite sushi creations, providing a captivating and interactive dining experience.

Ideal for upscale events, private parties, or corporate functions, our Sushi Models bring a touch of sophistication and creativity to the table, creating a memorable feast for both the eyes and taste buds.

Traditional Nyotaimori

Traditional footwear and head dress

Topless Sushi Model


Naked Sushi Model

Full nude

Lorem Servo - Card Dealers Banner

Card Dealer

Here’s your key to unlocking the ultimate in-home casino experience – Lorem Servo’s Card Dealers! Step into the world of high-stakes gaming and entertainment without ever leaving the comfort of your own space. Our professional Card Dealers bring the thrill and excitement of Las Vegas right to your doorstep, offering a premium service that exceeds all expectations.

Why settle for a night out at the casino when you can bring the casino to you with our super fun Card Dealers? Place your bets and let the games begin!

Sexy Card Dealer

Bikini or lingerie

Pasties Dealer

Panties and pasties

Topless Dealer

Mini Skirt or panties

Naked Dealer

Full Nude

Lorem Servo - Massage Therapists Banner

Massage Therapist

Say goodbye to the stress and tension of everyday life and indulge in the luxury of professional massage therapy in the comfort of your own home! Lorem Servo’s Massage Therapists are licensed and certified, dedicated to providing a bespoke experience tailored to your needs, ensuring that every session leaves you feeling refreshed, renewed, and revitalized.

Forget about scheduling appointments and traveling to the spa – with Lorem Servo’s mobile massage service, relaxation is just a phone call away!

Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Sports Massage

Couples Massage

CBD Body Massage

What Our Clients Say


Lorem Servo - Cheeky Butler

A Bonus Treat

This bachelorette party wouldn’t have been perfected without our entertainment for the night! It was already a very hard decision to decide which 2 entertainers at first, but we were happy with our choices Jersey & Eddie! It was a BONUS treat to have Romeo as our hunky butler too 😍. Next girls trip, we’re hiring again!

Vegas Strip Fitness

Lorem Servo - Full Nude Waitress

Highly recommend

Great group to work with. They were able to set us up with a great entertainment package on short notice. Crystal and Nelly were great at communicating and were awesome to work with providing a super fun night for our group. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested.

Chad Lowe

Lorem Servo - Naked Sushi Model

Very fun & professional

Recently booked with this company for a bachelor party. We had three girls, Toni, Crystal, and Thai are amazing, very fun and professional. And they made the whole experience better than advertised. Highly recommend. Will be rebooking for summer time for my own party.

Laila Anthony

Lorem Servo - Buff Butlers and Bartenders


I’d recommend this company and getting Rico Love. Had a party with at least 15 girls and he kept us all entertained the whole time. He was very respectful with the shy girls which was very appreciated. He was also on time and made everything easy. 10/10 would hire Rico again!

Ariel Parras

Lorem Servo - Sexy Servers

Pleasantly surprised

Jaime was very punctual, he kept in communication with me throughout the day regarding my fiancée’s 50th birthday party. He asked about the party and which costume he should wear. He arrived on time and the female guests were pleasantly surprised and my lady was shocked but happy. Thank you Jaime.

John McIntyre

Lorem Servo - Beautiful Sushi Model

so fun & respectful

It was a great surprise for my sister’s bachelorette! Keanu was so fun and respectful, he made sure that everyone in the room who participated was ok with it and always made sure we were all having fun! 10/10 recommend

Kelly Loftus

Why Choose Us

The Lorem Servo Experience

Lorem Servo has taken the hospitality industry to a whole new level, allowing clients to tailor their experiences with a touch of sophistication and cheeky charm. From buff butlers who embody timeless elegance to sexy servers and topless waitresses who add a flirtatious allure, and even sushi models turning dining into an art form, Lorem Servo redefines its boundaries and offers an event experience that transcends the ordinary.


Lorem Servo brings premium services directly to your doorstep, saving you the hassle of traveling to spas, casinos, or entertainment venues.

Quality Assurance

With licensed professionals and top-tier talents, Lorem Servo ensures that every service meets high standards of quality and excellence.


Tailor your experience to your preferences with customizable options, from attire choices for buff butlers, sexy servers and card dealers, to massage techniques for therapists.


Lorem Servo prioritizes safety by conducting thorough background checks on all talents, giving you peace of mind during your events and appointments.


Whether it’s booking a massage at your preferred time or arranging a themed party with specific requests, Lorem Servo accommodates your schedule and preferences.


Expect nothing less than professional conduct and service from Lorem Servo’s team of experts, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for every client.

Customer Satisfaction

Lorem Servo values customer feedback and aims to exceed expectations with every service, ensuring that you leave satisfied and eager to book again.

Transparent Pricing

With competitive rates and no hidden fees, Lorem Servo offers transparent pricing that allows you to budget effectively for your desired services.


Reach Lorem Servo’s customer support team easily via phone or text every day, ensuring prompt assistance and communication for any inquiries or concerns.


Benefit from Lorem Servo’s stellar reputation, backed by positive reviews, high ratings, and recognition from reputable organizations like the Better Business Bureau.


From buff butlers and topless waitresses to licensed massage therapists and professional card dealers, Lorem Servo offers a diverse range of services to suit various occasions and preferences.

Exclusive Offers

Enjoy exclusive perks such as free guestlist services to top nightclubs and pool parties, enhancing your overall experience and adding value to your bookings with Lorem Servo.

Relaxation and Wellness

Whether it’s unwinding with a soothing massage or indulging in a baller life experience with buff butlers and topless waitresses, Lorem Servo’s services promote relaxation, wellness, and enjoyment.

Memorable Events

Elevate your parties, gatherings, and special occasions with unique and unforgettable experiences provided by Lorem Servo’s talented team of entertainers and service professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Lorem Servo offer for events?

Lorem Servo specializes in personalized entertainment, offering buff butlers, sexy servers, topless waitresses, card dealers, and interactive sushi models. We tailor our services to match the unique vision of each client, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

We also offer a mobile massage service for those who want a relaxing experience right in the comfort of their own home or hotel room/suite.

How can I customize the attire of buff butlers and sexy servers?

We believe in giving you the power to curate your event’s aesthetic. Choose from a range of wardrobe options, from classic bowties and cuffs to more daring briefs, bootie shorts, or even the “apron-only” bartender for a cheeky touch. For our servers, you can have them wear a bikini, lingerie, just panties below and pasties above, topless with a mini skirt or panties.

If you want to go for the shock value, have our buff butlers and sexy servers go full nude!

Are the staff members of Lorem Servo professionals, and do they engage with guests?

Absolutely! Our buff butlers, sexy servers, and topless waitresses are not just visually stunning but also skilled professionals. They are experts at engaging with guests, ensuring a perfect balance of charm, charisma, and service.

Can I hire Lorem Servo for different types of events, from corporate functions to private parties?

Yes! Lorem Servo’s services are versatile and adaptable. Whether it’s a corporate affair, a private celebration, or any event that calls for a unique touch, we have the expertise to elevate the atmosphere.

How do sushi models work, and what kind of experience do they provide?

Our sushi models are a fusion of art and gastronomy. Dressed in thematic attire, they present an interactive dining experience, showcasing culinary masterpieces on their living canvases—a feast for both the eyes and taste buds.

Is Lorem Servo available for events outside a specific location or region?

We strive to bring our unique services to various locations. Contact us to discuss your event, and we’ll work together to make your vision a reality, regardless of the location.

How far in advance should I book Lorem Servo's services for my event?

To ensure availability and proper planning, we recommend booking as early as possible. Popular dates tend to fill up quickly, so securing your reservation in advance ensures a seamless and stress-free experience.

What measures does Lorem Servo take to ensure professionalism and discretion during events?

Professionalism and discretion are paramount to us. Our staff undergoes rigorous training, and we prioritize professionalism in every interaction. Rest assured, your event will be handled with the utmost care and respect for privacy.

Can I request specific themes or special arrangements for my event?

Definitely! We welcome your creativity and ideas. Whether it’s a specific theme, unique attire requests, or special arrangements, our team is here to collaborate and bring your vision to life.

Are there any age restrictions for events featuring Lorem Servo's services?

Our services are tailored for adult-oriented events. Age restrictions may apply depending on local regulations. Contact us to discuss the details of your event, and we’ll ensure everything aligns with applicable guidelines.

What sets Lorem Servo apart from other entertainment services?

Lorem Servo stands out for its commitment to personalized experiences, versatile services, and the perfect blend of sophistication and cheeky charm. Our attention to detail, professionalism, and adaptability make us a unique and unforgettable choice.

How do I get a quote for my event, and what does the pricing include?

Getting a quote is easy! Just fill out our Reservation Form or call to contact our dedicated team. Pricing varies based on the type of service, location, and specific requests. Our quotes are transparent, and we work closely with clients to ensure they receive the best value for their investment in creating a memorable event.