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Buff Butlers & Sexy Servers

Buff Butlers Topless Waitresses

What’s included:

  • A Buff Butler of your choosing will be there to greet you, serve drinks and conduct party games.
  • He can dress to your liking and comfort level!  He can come wearing a bowtie, cuffs, and nice black pants and shoes.  Or he can show some more skin by going down to briefs or bootie shorts! Of if you’re feeling extra “cheeky”, go for our “apron only” bartender.  This option is great for those who like class with a nice ass 😉
  • Your Butler will bring a speaker for you to blast your music!
  • Your Butler can host a variety of fun trivia and/or drinking games.
  • Looking for more ideas? Check out “24 ways to use your buff butler”.
  • Party lights (optional)
  • FREE Guestlist services to all the hottest nightclubs and pool parties!
Buff Butlers Topless Waitresses

A Night To Remember!

The night begins as you answer the door to a handsome well dressed gentleman. He walks in the room and greets everyone in a formal manner, somewhat James Bond’esque. He will then mention how warm the room temperature feels and he will rip off his shirt and become your very own buff butler!

He will make sure everyone is comfortable and will begin mixing and serving drinks. If you want to play some games, he’s got a bunch of them! One favorite is “Never Have I Ever”. Get to “really” know your friends as you play this deceivingly naughty game. Next take a trip down “Memories” and see just how much your friends know about the guest of honor. Or test her knowledge of her hubby to be!

Want to get the party lit? Let’s play some drinking games! Whether it’s flip cup, liars dice or beer pong, your buff butler is aware of how to host all these types of parties. Want to have some laughs? Play “the mummy” game and see how well you can teepee the bride and maid of honor!

(The preceding was an example of night out on one of our buff butler parties. You can customize your itinerary however you like)

Buff Butlers Topless Waitresses
Buff Butlers Topless Waitresses

We’re Ready To Serve Your Every Need!

Our topless waiters aka “buff butlers” or “buff bartenders”, are here to serve your needs, whatever the occasion! They’re a LOT more than just a bartender/waiter. These men are trained to be the “ultimate host” for whatever party or celebration. They can mix and serve drinks, host and conduct party games, decorate your room, help clean up, whatever you desire! Also you can have the butler come to your party early to help decorate and prepare to surprise your special guest!

We know that every girl’s night, birthday party or special occasion is different and specific to the group and person. That’s why we don’t have a “one size fits all approach”.

What ever your needs may be, we are here to meet them! That’s why we have a range of different types of model servers for all different parties and groups. We have special packages for individuals as well as corporate events.

We know that it’s a special night and we’re to make sure it’s one you’ll never forget!

Typically our butlers will wear a regular tie or bowtie, cuffs (optional) and whatever bottoms you would like! You can choose from the Regular Pants Only Butler, Booty Shorts Butler and an Apron Only Butler. Buff Butlers have a 2 hour minimum.

24 Ways to use your Buff Butler

  1. Surprise the bride to be!  Arrange to sneak the butler in and have him get changed in another room and then come out with a glass of bubbly / her favorite drink! Or…
  2. Play a game called guess the bachelorette!  Line up several different girls, blindfold the bride-to-be and have her guess who they are by touch alone.  You might have guessed it, the last “bachelorette” she guesses is in fact the butler!  A great way to surprise her and start the celebrations.
  3. Have him help prepare the food!  We can’t promise 5 star cuisine but he can definitely lend a hand in the kitchen.
  4. Have him serve the food or pass around some nibbles.
  5. Having a summer party with a BBQ?  Why not ask the butler to help with that!
  6. Have him generally help out.  Your butler is there to wait and serve on you.  So if you’ve got something that needs tidying away or cleaning up ask the butler!
  7. Use your butler as a bell boy!  If you renting a large property it could be a nice idea to have the butler arrive just before the guests and have him show them to their rooms and carry their luggage!
  8. Have a Life Drawing Class.  Ask him to pose for a drawing in his butlers outfit.
  9. Ask him to take a group photo of your party, saves messing with those pesky timers!
  10. Give a disposable camera to your butler and ask him to take pictures throughout the night.  You never know what you’ll get!
  11. Have him mix some cocktails for you.  Our regular butlers can mix cocktails for you!  Just have the recipes to hand and the equipment required.
  12. Play a game of musical chairs – have the butler do the music.
  13. To read more, click here

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  1. REFUND POLICY: We have one! Most agencies don’t. (see our refund policy)
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  3. SAFETY FIRST: All of our talent is hand picked and background checked.
  4. A+ RATING FROM THE BBB. We have an excellent history with the Better Business Bureau.
  5. OPEN EVERY DAY: You can reach us by phone or text every day from 12pm to 12am PST.
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