Some ideas are common, some are creative, some are copied, and some require a sexy handsome butler who can spice things up!

The weather is warming up and everyone’s thinking about getting married!  Must be the fresh scent of roses in the air. It’s that time of year again where bachelorette girls are searching Googles for t-shirts, flowers, white and pink balloons and other penis shaped props. While all these things are great, they leave you clueless as what you can do with the bride, her family, and her friends leaving the party feeling kind of bland. But the Lorem Servo Buff Butler can definitely fire things up!

10 best party games to play with your Lorem Servo Buff Butler

We’ve got you taken care of, not only are we bringing are sexy charming handsome Buff Butler, but now we can give all the fun game ideas you can play with them in your bachelorette party.

#1 Bachelorette Party Game – Guess the Guest
This game could definitely be a started game, and pleasantly introduce and surprise the bachelorette to your Buff Butler.
Have the bachelorette be blindfolded and know the mystery guest who’s about to walk in through the door.
Make sure you have all the other guest line up first, before the Buff Butler, so she doesn’t suspect who’s she’s going to get her hands on.
She’s going to guess who its by just the touch, so have your guest move down the line until she eventually reaches your Buff Butler and is surprise by all that body.

#2 Bachelorette Party Game – Where’s the Water?
We only suggest this game if people have a solid poker face. Get your Buff Butler to line up shot glasses in a row. With atleast four it should be enough.
Then have him filled three of them with water and any colorless alcohol you’d like in the last one.
Without anyone looking have him shuffle them around, no cheating!
Have one of the girls take a shot and the group has to guess whether it was alcohol or water by just looking at her face expression
If someone guesses wrong they take shot, simple!
You could always get a little sexy by using your Buff Butler as a human shot glass and take a “body shot” from his sexy abdomen.

#3 Bachelorette Party Game – Who’s Most Likely
Because great mind think alike…
Get the group of ladies to stand or sit in a circle and ask your sexy Buff Butler to start things off by asking “Who’s most likely to” and make sure he finishes with something cheesy, funny, or revealing -your choice- like “leave with one of the (insert) from the wedding?”
Then everyone else has to point out the person they think is most likely to do that.
If they happen to pick you, you have to drink. Don’t take it personally it’s all for the laugh and giggles, nothing to take seriously. It’s hilarious when you have the ladies point at different people.

#4 Bachelorette Party Game – Pick your poison Pong
It’s the common game the boys love at their house parties with their beers. Why not spice it up by playing with a more sophisticated or modern alcoholic beverage? You could get as creative as you want with seltzer, wine, or the spirit of your choice.
It will be the same rules as beer pong so we suggest using your hand Buff Butler as your referee and ball boy, not those kinds of balls, and get him to split the girls into teams.

#5 Bachelorette Party Game – Twerk those Pongs Balls
Lorem Servo has been playing this game for some time now and we can’t believe how it has not gone viral.
Pick one of the ladies to play against your Buff Butler, maybe this time is the bride turn to have her fun with him, it’s her special day after all.
The Buff Butler and his competitor will strap a box onto their waist and fill it up with ping pong balls. Buff Butler can strap it in the front and the lady can strap it in the back.
Then they’ll will twerk for their life, who ever empties the box wins.
You can rent the Twerk those Pong Balls here.
Learn how it’s done here.

#6 Bachelorette Party Game – Jenga but add a Twist
For this one you’ll need to have a Jenga set if you happen not to have one.
Grab the individual Jenga pieces and write funny dares or challenges for people to do once they successfully removed a piece.
Get creative with them… You can definitely involve your Buff Butler for this. Challenge your Butler for a lap dance or have one of the ladies do a lap dance on you’re butler.
Play Jenga like normal, but with the excitement and silly consequences.

#7 Bachelorette Party Game – Bride-Theme Pop Quiz
This is how you get to know who really knows the bride.
On a piece of paper write a few personal questions about the bride and her future husband. Make sure all the answer are correct before getting started.
Split the girls in in pairs or teams, it all depends on how many girls you have at your party.
Then, have you sexy Buff Butler be the hot teacher who gives everyone this pop quiz.
The girl who answer the most questions correctly wins.

#8 Bachelorette Party Game – Cads about Matrimony:
Get your Buff Butler to split the cards between the black and white card, and then divide them out between the ladies.
The goals  is to make the most brutal yet honest sentence you can, the most hilarious one wins.
You can download the template for free at 10 best bachelorette party game ideas with your “Buff Butler” or you can buy the Cads about Matrimony cards.

#9 Bachelorette Party Game – Make-Shift Wedding Dress Game
You never know, you might make a better dress than her actual wedding dress.
You’re going to split the guest into two teams, with the Bride being the captain for one and the Buff Butler being the captain for the other.
Each team will compete to make a make-shift wedding dress out of toilet paper in 5 minutes, make sure you have a timer.
The best dress wings, be honest.

#10 Bachelorette Party Game – Find the plaster
Don’t worry you don’t have a to be a nurse or a doctor for this one.
Put the plaster anywhere on you’re Buff Butler, don’t be afraid to get a little wild.
Blindfold the bride or any lucky lady of the group. Preferably the bride, it’s her lucky day.
Set the timer for 1 minute and let the blindfolded bride search the naked Butlers body for the plaster. If she finds it before the timer is done she wins, if not, it’s a shot.

For more party game instructions and ideas on how you can play with your buff butler, look at our party game page.

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