Rookie Ride Along


Rookie Ride Along

Looking for an extra buff butler but at a discount?  We can give you one of our new guys as a “Rookie Ride Along” for 25% off the price of a normal butler!  A rookie is simply a new guy/girl that has been hired and trained but hasn’t worked an actual job yet. They will follow the lead of the veteran buff butler at the party and do whatever it takes to make sure the guests are having a great time! Check out the rates below:

My Rates & Options


  • Buff Butler (pants on) $75/hr
  • Buff Butler (bootie shorts) $100/hr
  • Buff Butler (apron only) $125/hr

(read about our butler options)


  • Magic Mike Ending: optional
  • Full Monty Ending: optional

Visit our Party Options page to learn more.

Ready to book?

Rookie Ride Along (Pants On)

Rookie Ride Along (Bootie Shorts)

Rookie Ride Along (Apron Only/Cheeky Butler)


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Las Vegas, NV

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